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'Tales from the Beyond' Notable far

Thought I'd pop up some links for those who are interested.

We did a number of local and interstate interviews, articles and reviews, but these in particular pop out I think. Please feel free to email anything through if you spot it though, I'm always surprised and entertained by who/what pops up on the internet with music opinions :)

Beat Magazine

Mess and Noise

Record Reviews
I once met a guy who claimed he’d been employed to pore over tapes of late-night community radio to identify offensive content and any clandestine references to illicit drug-dealing. In an era when broadcasting content was tightly regulated – a specious public-policy paradigm derived from the pervading and largely unopposed influence of radio and television – such programming transgressions could provoke serious sanction. Like its Sydney out-of-wedlock contemporary Little Bastard (not to mention Richie Ramone’s latest signing, Cuntz), it’s likely La Bastard would have attracted the critical attention of the relevant authorities, and not because of their chunky blend of sassy girl-group soul and rumbling rockabilly riffs – though such sonic attributes would have justified a positive tick to counter the red cross of the band’s name.
Tales From Beyond is La Bastard’s second album, released again on Off the Hip. The album artwork is impressive – HG Wells-inspired 1950s comic book with some ghoulish imagery thrown in for good measure – and gives you a good sense of where the band is coming from. The music is anything but two-dimensional: on the opening ‘Beaten Down’, Anna Lienhop’s Peggy Lee-esque vocals breathe life into a classy sorority-hall rock waltz, and ‘You Can Find Me’ snarls like a spurned lover in the grip of emotional catharsis. ‘Cold Rainy Night’ would be right at home on stage with Nancy and Lee in Las Vegas, while ‘Bewitchery’ is The Passengers on a package tour courtesy of Ennio Morricone.

‘Heartbreak’ is angry and measured, each lyric delivered with the precision of a short and swift rhetorical slap. ‘Call of the Wild’ lurches around the edges of Carl Perkins, a temporary lull before the intriguingly titled ‘Timorese Ninja’ jumps in the front seat of a hotted-up jalopy and roars down the suburban road to adolescent freedom. ‘You’re Not Here Anymore’ is resentful and intense, a torch song to melt the coldest of hearts. ‘Running Out of Time’ is back in the car with a trunk laden with Brylcreem and smug greaser attitude; ‘Stranger in the Night’ is Eddie Cochrane with a handful of Elvis’s favourite diet pills.
What you don’t get on Tales From Beyond is the interactive intensity and excitement of La Bastard’s live show – though that’s an observation that can be made of any recorded product. And it’s always good to leave the listener wanting to return for more.

by Patrick Emery


PBS Live to Air, on Fang It! (you can stream it from this link)

Helter Smelter

7th March 2013, Post launch wrap up and MORE gigs


The last few months have been so SO so hectic and awesome and crazy, It's almost a relief this little stint of touring Australia is done. Well almost..... Everyone has been fantastic, from the bogans yelling obscenities out from the back of the room, to the people dancing, going nuts and those who let us crash on your floor. So much gratitude to you guys. This is what being in a touring rock band is, right?

Launch is done! The Spotted Mallard was SOLD OUT! Even people on the guest list were turned away. What an amazing night! Our surprise horn section in the balcony was fantastic, thanks to Nick, Dale, Kieran, Daniel for your amazing skills and patience.

Records are back! Those who ordered copies at the launch should have received theirs. You can order things HERE from our Bandcamp page (or you can visit Off The Hip Records) Very very exciting. So we have CD's Records, T-Shirts, Stickers AND Digital downloads to keep everyone happy.

So enough of the big noting and shameless self promotion.

All our interstate and regional shows in support of the new album have nearly finished. Tasmania is last on our hit list and then it's a small breather over March before this kicks in......

There are a couple of other things we have in the pipelines, but they will be announced in due course.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Melbourne Album Launch, Tour Dates and Ordering Info!

*National Dates

Saturday 19th January
Newmarket Hotel, Bendigo

Friday 1st February
Barcode, Wollongong
with the Nice Folk and Six Shooter

Saturday 2nd February
The Phoenix, Canberra
with Space Party and the King Hits

Friday 8th February
The Spotted Mallard, Sydney Rd Brunswick
With The ReChords and Cherrywood

Friday 22nd February
The Squatters Arms, Adelaide
With Diesel Witch and Them Plasms

Saturday 23rd February
The Crown and Anchor, Adelaide
Lineup TBA

Sunday 24th February
Glenelg Surf Lifesaving Club, Glenelg
La Mar Sundays

Thursday 28th February
The Spotted Mallard, Brunswick
With Harlots
Saturday 2nd March
Karova Lounge, Ballarat
With the Yard Apes and SWhAT
Friday 8th March
Republic Bar, Hobart
With the Sin and Tonics and Mangus

Saturday 9th March
Royal Oak Hotel, Launceston
With the Sin and Tonics

*Additional info can be found on our Reverb Nation page or our Facebook page

Order the album online in digital, CD or vinyl format at our Bandcamp page. You can pretty much start listening straight away with the digital format, but if you choose the vinyl version (which you can still digitally listen to straight away...) there will be a slight delay as the vinyl is still be shipped. Should be in time for the launch though!

Reviews are starting to come in already for "Tales From The Beyond" which will be posted up shortly. I'm slightly shaking in my boots at the thought....anyway, happy listening!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


...Now we just wait for the vinyl!

Don't forget, pre-orders for this piece of auditory awesomeness can be found HERE

Launch details will be announced shortly!

La Bastard “Tales from the Beyond” NSW Tour Dates 2013

New South Wales!

YOU are FIRST...
Friday 11th January
with Zoe K & the Shadow Katz and The
Underscore Orkestra (USA), FREE ENTRY
Saturday 12th January
with The Hollow Bones, The Magic Bones & The
Dalton Gang’s Last Raid, FREE ENTRY
Friday 1st February
BARCODE – Level 1, Keira St
with The Nice Folk and Six Shooter

Saturday 2ndFebruary
with Space Party and the King Hits

Details and Invites are on the FACEBOOK page

Monday, December 3, 2012

Last Show for 2012, SHAKEDOWN at the Tote

SUNDAY DECEMBER 16 @ THE TOTE, Collingwood, Vic, Australia.
3pm-11pm, $12 entry, 8 bands, bbq.


It's almost Xmas, so let's have a party right! This show is so incestuous it would make your Uncle-dad shudder.

SONS OF LEE MARVIN - garage gonzo elders with a 3rd album 'Cutthroats & Conjurers' just released with a handful of fairly fucked up & loose album launch shows in September & October just gone. Not quite rested and with busted limbs kind of healed, best they get at it again

LA BASTARD - (I'm sure you know who we are...)

DAMN THE TORPEDOES - slick, well-oiled rock'n'roll machine that will most likely embarrass the other bands on the bill. In fact they are deadly

UPTOWN ACE - big pop rock songs from those with a pedigree in guitar squeals, high kicks and bottom end

HARVEST SMOKE  almost a year since their last show, but they're all in the one town for a weekend so best hit up some cowpunk rock'n'roll for it 
NICI BLUE EYES - country ballads that will make your socks melt 

LEECHESPerth skatepunk thrash band touring Melbourne on the back of a new 7" vinyl release called 'Rott'. Short.Fast.Fuck!. 
THE MOCKINGBIRD - Sweet country sounds to kick it all off -

Tales From Beyond Pre-Orders!

We are now taking pre-orders for La Bastard's brand spankin' new album "Tales from the Beyond" up on our Bandcamp page! Pre-order the full, 10 track album in digital format, as a compact disk with 8 page booklet, or our personal fave, a vinyl LP. 
Pre-orders will get you an advance download of two tracks from the new album, plus download of special edition artwork with all the album lyrics! Order by clocking HERE or at the link below: